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3.13 Global Ocean Simulation at $ 4^\circ$ Resolution in Pressure Coordinates

(in directory: verification/tutorial_global_oce_in_p/)

This example experiment demonstrates using the MITgcm to simulate the planetary ocean circulation in pressure coordinates, that is, without making the Boussinesq approximations. The files for this experiment can be found in the verification directory under tutorial_global_oce_in_p. The simulation is configured as a near copy of tutorial_global_oce_latlon (Section 3.12). with realistic geography and bathymetry on a $ 4^{\circ} \times 4^{\circ}$ spherical polar grid. Fifteen levels are used in the vertical, ranging in thickness from $ 50.4089$ dbar$ \approx50$ m at the surface to $ 710.33$ dbar$ \approx690$ m at depth, giving a maximum model depth of $ 5302.3122$ dbar$ \approx5200$ km . At this resolution, the configuration can be integrated forward for thousands of years on a single processor desktop computer.


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