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3.15 Surface Driven Convection

(in directory: verification/tutorial_deep_convection/)

Figure 3.12: Schematic of simulation domain for the surface driven convection experiment. The domain is doubly periodic with an initially uniform temperature of 20 $ ^oC$ .
{s_examples/deep_convection/simulation_config.eps} }

This experiment, figure 3.12, showcasing MITgcm's non-hydrostatic capability, was designed to explore the temporal and spatial characteristics of convection plumes as they might exist during a period of oceanic deep convection. The files for this experiment can be found in the verification directory under tutorial_deep_convection. It is

  • non-hydrostatic
  • doubly-periodic with cubic geometry
  • has 50 m resolution
  • Cartesian
  • is on an $ f$ -plane
  • with a linear equation of state


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