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7.2 NetCDF I/O: MNC

The mnc package is a set of convenience routines written to expedite the process of creating, appending, and reading NetCDF files. NetCDF is an increasingly popular self-describing file format Rew et al. [1997] intended primarily for scientific data sets. An extensive collection of NetCDF reference papers, user guides, software, FAQs, and other information can be obtained from UCAR's web site at:


Since it is a ``wrapper'' for netCDF, MNC depends upon the Fortran-77 interface included with the standard netCDF v3.x library which is often called libnetcdf.a. Please contact your local systems administrators or the mitgcm-support@mitgcm.org MITgcm-support list for help building and installing netCDF for your particular platform.


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