We strongly recommend that all users subscribe to the MITgcm support mailing list.

Once you have subscribed, email MITgcmsupport@mitgcm.org if you have a general or usage-related question or problem with MITgcm (note: you must subscribe prior to sending an email); one of the MITgcm developers, or someone in the broader MITgcm community, will respond. It might also be helpful to browse through the MITgcm support mailing list web-archive. If you have uncovered a bug in the code, or have suggestions for improvements in the code or documentation, one of the developers might suggest posting an issue at Github.

To share your MITgcm animations contact Helen Hill (hlh@mit.edu).

If you have news about research using the MITgcm contact Helen Hill (hlh@mit.edu)