2016 ECCO Joint Project Meeting

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May 20, 2016 by Helen Hill


story by Helen Hill


The Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) consortium, a joint venture led by MIT, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Scripps Oceanographic Institution combines observations and the MITgcm to obtain a more realistic understanding of ocean circulation, how it evolves over time, and its impact on global climate.

Between May 16-18 members of the extended ECCO family met at MIT to share news of what science is being done using ECCO and to discuss “needs, synergies, challenges, and a roadmap” going forward.

The meeting kicked off with a general overview of the global decadel ECCO effort with Gael Forget (MIT) giving a product overview of ECCO v4, Ichiro Fukumori (JPL) and Ian Fenty (JPL) providing an overview of the main updates in forthcoming release 3, Detlef Stammer (U. Hamburg) appraising attendees about GECCO2 and related activities, and Dimitris Menemenlis (JPL) wrapping up with an overview of ECCO-IcES.

There were science sessions on  Sea Level (chaired by Dimitris Menemenlis), two for Ocean Circulation Variability and Change (one chaired by Gael Forget (MIT), the other by Christopher Hill, MIT), Coupling ECCO to the Cryosphere (chaired by Ichiro Fukumori), Emerging Applications (chaired by Matt Mazloff, Scripps), Ocean Acoustic Tomography (chaired by Patrick Heimbach, MIT/ U. Texas Austin), and Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecology (chaired by Dimitris Menemenlis.)


Sea level science

Rui Ponte (AER): Accelerations in global and regional sea level and the recent surface warming slowdown

Chris Piecuch (URI/AER):  Forcing of decadal variability in subsurface temperature and sea surface height north of 5S in the Indian Ocean

Xinfeng Liang USF): Change of the global oceanic vertical heat transport after 2000

Maike Sonnewald (MIT): (Linear predictability of regional sea level) tentative

Steven Nerem (CCAR): An Overview of the Objectives of the NASA Sea Level Change Team

Ocean circulation variability & change

Nadya Vinogradova (AER): Recent changes in the ocean water cycle and surface salinity

Martha Buckley (GMU): The deep North Atlantic circulation in ECCO v4

Christopher Wolfe (Stony Brook): Intrinsic mode of interannual variability identified in an ECCOv4-like model

Katherine Quinn (AER): Ocean angular momentum from ECCO version 4, release 1

Ryan Abernathey (LDEO): Online Diagnostics of Water Mass Transformation in MITgcm

Raffaele Ferrari (MIT): Abyssal circulation

Ali Mashayek (MIT): Topographic Enhancement of Turbulent Mixing in the Southern Ocean

Armin Koehl (U. Hamburg): Parameter estimation in the ocean; coupled estimation with PLASIM

Gael Forget (MIT): ECCO v4: parameterized and resolved processes

Coupling ECCO to the cryosphere

An Nguyen (U. Texas, Austin): ASTE – status and updates

Cilan Cai (UCI): Modeling of subaqueous melting in Petermann Fjord, Northwestern Greenland using IceBridge data and a numerical ocean circulation model

Alan Condron (UMass Amherst): Simulating icebergs in MITgcm & results from Greenland meltwater experiments

Yoshihiro Nakayama (JPL) (presented by D. Menemenlis): Amundsen Sea ocean, sea ice, and thermodynamic ice shelf simulation with optimized model parameters

Helene Seroussi (JPL) and Eric Larour (JPL) (presented by D. Menemenlis): MISOMIP experiments

Emerging applications

Lee-Lueng Fu (JPL):Internal wave signatures in sea surface height: A challenge for the SWOT Mission

Carl Wunsch (MIT): Inertial-internal wave problems in ECCO’s LLC4320

Ibrahim Hoteit (KAUST): Red Sea Modeling

Dan Amrhein (MIT): Towards an LGM state estimate

Ocean acoustic tomography

Brian Dushaw (UW): Ocean Acoustic Tomography: A Missing Element of the Ocean Observing System

Bruce Cornuelle (Scripps): Assimilation of tomographic data

Brian Dushaw (UW): Time series of temperature in Fram Strait determined from DAMOCLES and ACOBAR tomography

Hanne Sagen (NERSC): Acoustic Tomography in the Arctic: The UNDER-ICE and Arctic Watch Projects

Ocean biogeochemistry & ecology

Gael Forget (MIT): ECCO v4: water mass and tracer applications

Matt Mazloff (Scripps): B-SOSE: A biogeochemical Southern Ocean State Estimate & SOCCOM

Stephanie Dutkiewicz (MIT): Ecological and biogeochemical modeling using ECCO state estimates

Monica Martinez (Caltech): Understanding carbonate dissolution in ocean sediments

Dale Kiefer (USC): Fishscape: Application of ECCO to the tuna fishery of the Eastern Tropical Pacific

Other speakers included: Jean-Michel Campin (MIT)

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New Publications this Month

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