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Exploring the effects of optimizing model-dependent parameters on Antarctic sea-ice concentration data assimilation

Improving the performance of the Data Assimilation System for the Southern Ocean in assimilating sea-ice concentration (SIC) through optimizing model-dependent parameters.

Antarctic Rifts and Icebergs

Mattia Poinelli uses MITgcm to explore what role rifts and icebergs play in shaping the dynamics of Antarctic ice shelves.

Subglacial Melting

This month we spotlight research using a regional implementation of MITgcm to explore Antarctic subglacial runoff.

Assimilating Antarctic Sea-ice Thickness Data Revisited

A team of researchers from China and the US has created a new atmospheric ensemble forcing for MITgcm to improve the accuracy and the uncertainty estimation of Antarctic sea ice simulation.

Assimilating Antarctic Sea-ice Thickness Data

A team, bringing together researchers from China, Europe, and the US, use MITgcm to develop a new data assimilation system for the Southern Ocean with the aim of improving sea-ice thickness estimates in the region.

A Big Enough Flood

Geologists from WHOI and UMass have been using MITgcm to probe whether melting arctic sea-ice could have slowed the AMOC enough to precipitate the Younger Dryas.

The Problem with Polynyas

A new study from British Antarctic Survey uses MITgcm to explore what effect excessive Weddell Sea convection may have on nearby continental ice shelves.