Category: Sea-ice Modeling

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Subglacial Melting

This month we spotlight research using a regional implementation of MITgcm to explore Antarctic subglacial runoff.

Assimilating Antarctic Sea-ice Thickness Data Revisited

A team of researchers from China and the US has created a new atmospheric ensemble forcing for MITgcm to improve the accuracy and the uncertainty estimation of Antarctic sea ice simulation.

Assimilating Antarctic Sea-ice Thickness Data

A team, bringing together researchers from China, Europe, and the US, use MITgcm to develop a new data assimilation system for the Southern Ocean with the aim of improving sea-ice thickness estimates in the region.

A Big Enough Flood

Geologists from WHOI and UMass have been using MITgcm to probe whether melting arctic sea-ice could have slowed the AMOC enough to precipitate the Younger Dryas.

The Problem with Polynyas

A new study from British Antarctic Survey uses MITgcm to explore what effect excessive Weddell Sea convection may have on nearby continental ice shelves.