Mercury Rising

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Mercury Rising

A joint Harvard – MIT study uses MITgcm to explore the biogeochemistry of riverine mercury.

Probing Phytoplankton in the Agulhas

This month we report on researchers using MITgcm to explore the role of Agulhas Rings in plankton transport observations from the Tara Oceans Expedition.

Mixing it up in the Southern Ocean

alt text goes hereThis month we spotlight work by Ryan Abernathey who has been using MITgcm to map surface mixing rates globally.

Adjoint approaches to assessing local vulnerability to buoyant surface plumes

Spreading of a buoyant surface plume modeled using MITgcmPrompted by the recent spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Ross Tulloch, Chris Hill and Oliver Jahn have been using MITgcm to compute the vulnerability of individual locations to remote buoyant surface plumes.