Life in Hot Water

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Life in Hot Water

Researchers at the University of Hawai’i, Manoa, and the Coral Reef Research Foundation, Palau use ECCO state estimates in their study of how western tropical Pacific temperature conditions impact coral bleaching.

What you Can Do With a Really Rather Realistic Ocean Model

This month we spotlight research from MIT’s Darwin Project exploring how changes in spatial resolution impact emergent biogeochemistry and phytoplankton community structure in their work using MITgcm and the biogeochemical models they have built to surround it.


This month we spotlight work seeking to couple the MITgcm with another open-source marine biogeochemistry tool developed and maintained by a consortium involving modelers across Europe and also South Africa.

How Climate Change Might Muscle-Out Mediterranean Mussels

This month we spotlight work by a collaboration between European and US researchers, who have been using MITgcm in their study of how a changing climate could impact Mediterranean mussel beds.

The Cost of Chalk

This month we spotlight recently published work by Fanny Monteiro, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and others, who have been using MITgcm to explore the biogeography of a class of phytoplankton with an outsized role to play in the global carbon cycle.

Ecological Control of Subtropical Nutrient Concentrations

Multiple-Resource Experiment. (top) Emergent biogeographical provinces, defined by most dominant species, reminiscent of Longhurst (1995)
In this article we spotlight recent work by Darwin Project team members Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Mick Follows and Jason Bragg, who have been examining the utility of resource control theory to interpret the relationships between organisms and resources in a global coupled physical-biogeochemistry-ecosystem model built around MITgcm…

Ocean Ecosystems

Figure 1. Illustration of the key components in the self-assembling phytoplankton community model. After some years of interaction, the fittest "types" persist and occupy distinct habitats.Work by Fanny Monteiro with Mick Follows and Stephanie Dutkiewicz at MIT who have been using the MITgcm to probe the behaviour of self-assembling phytoplankton communities within a global ocean circulation…