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Lake MITgcm

Researchers use MITgcm to demonstrate how hydrodynamic processes in lakes can intensify the potential impact of watershed pollutants on coastal ecosystems.

The Problem with Polynyas

A new study from British Antarctic Survey uses MITgcm to explore what effect excessive Weddell Sea convection may have on nearby continental ice shelves.

北极海冰数值预报的初步研究!!!MITgcm基于海冰!海洋耦合模式!”# $

Bathymetry and boundaries of the Arctic domain in the model - source Yang et al., 2011.This month we shine light on recently published work by a team of Chinese investigators who have been using MITgcm to study Arctic sea ice.

Baroclinic Instability in the Ocean

Global maps of inverse Eady time scale (days−1) (upper panel) and the ratio Lbci/Ldef (lower panel) - source Tulloch et al., 2011.In a new JPO paper, Ross Tulloch, John Marshall, Chris Hill and Shafer Smith report on an observational, modeling and theoretical study of the scales, growth rates and spectral fluxes of baroclinic instability in the ocean, permitting a discussion of the relation between the instability scale, the first baroclinic deformation scale (R1) and the equilibrated eddy scale.