Mixing it up in the Southern Ocean

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Mixing it up in the Southern Ocean

alt text goes hereThis month we spotlight work by Ryan Abernathey who has been using MITgcm to map surface mixing rates globally.

Strange New Worlds

This month we focus on research using MITgcm to model atmospheres on Jupiter-like exoplanets showcasing work by recent University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory graduate, Nikole Lewis.

MITgcm on Ice

In a recent paper in the Journal of Physical Oceanography, An Nguyen (MIT) and co-authors Ronald Kwok (JPL) and Dimitris Menemenlis (JPL) report on work using MITgcm to better understand the origin and character of  the western arctic, upper halocline.

MITgcm Movie Mania

A selection of MITgcm moviesWhat is it about MITgcm that it spawns so many great movies? In a break with science stories, MITgcm shares 3 recent movies showcasing projects using MITgcm.